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We can help you with information on the municipality of Ljungby and the province of Småland.

Welcome to Laganland for information, cottage service, shopping and new experiences!

We are located directly on European highway 4 (E4) and door-to-door to Laganland Sweden Shop, Indoor Play Center and Elkland. You will find Sure Hotel Lagan / Best Western with hotel rooms, restaurant, tavern and gasoline service station on the premesises along with great parking space.

Fishing permits

We sell fishing permits for several popular lakes, for example Bolmen, Vidöstern, Flåren, Flyxen, Hindsen, Hängasjön and game fishing in the river Lagan.


Our area is rich in ancient remains, for example the Viking Age.


In the municipality of Ljungby there are many nice museums and tourist spots.

Elk Warning!

In Sweden and especially in the province of Småland you will find these elk signs. They mark popular elk crossings. In Småland alone you will find approximately 30 000 wild elks during the summer period. So please drive carefully since a collision with an elk can demolish your car and it can of course affict serious personal injury as well.

Visit Laganland – Elkland and you will see for yourself, what a large animal the elk really is – and we sell the authentic Elk Signs!

Information for cottage guests

  • Don’t forget to send your Arrival form in good time. We need to know your arrival time and any special requests. You can email or ring +46 372 30880
  • In some cases (if you booked online), directions from Laganland to the rental property can be found in your booking confirmation in the app. Check in advance!
  • Visit our website for information on our opening times. (We’ll do our best to find a solution outside these times.)
  • Any deposits must be paid in cash – no cards! Deposits are payable in SEK, which is to your advantage. It’s a good idea to buy SEK before arriving in Sweden. (ATMs are available in Ljungby, the nearest town.) (Other currencies such as EUR and DKK are also accepted, but refunds made by bank transfer to another country will entail a certain foreign exchange loss for you as a customer.)
  • We wish all guests staying in our locality a fantastic holiday! Things to do, places to visit, local services? We’re here to help!

Opening hours

January, February & March: Monday-Friday 10-16.
April, May and October: Daily 10-17.
November & December: Monday-Friday 10-16.
Juni – September: Daily 9-18.




Municipality of Ljungby

Municipality of Värnamo

Province of Småland


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Sure Hotgel Lagan – Hotel & Restaurant
Tel: +46 372 – 352 00
Fax: +46 372 – 350 13

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Cottage SERVICE Laganland

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Activities & more

Buslandet Lagan
Indoor Play Center.

Summer open daily 9-18.
Tel. +46 372-352 00

Golf for everyone
Try out some golf with family and friends at the Pay & Play course by Laganland.
More information:
or telephone: +46 372 30450


Tel: +46 372-301 18

Activities & more

Cliff Burton Museum

An exhibition on Metallica’s legendary bassist.
Opening hours 2024:
Weekends: 18 May-16 June: 12-17.
All days: 17 June-1 September: 12-17.
Entrance SEK 100.

Buslandet Lagan
Indoor Play Center.

Summer open daily 9-18.
Tel. +46 372-352 00

Laganland Charging Station

Fast-charge your electric car at Laganland! 12 fast-charging stations in the car park. (Available from summer 2023)