Elk Park

This is where you meet our big elk bull and his family. You can come really close to the animals and perhaps use one of several photo towers in the spectator area.

Elk Park (Moosepark) on road E4-10 km north of Ljungby, (Småland-Sweden)

Your comfort at heart and of course the area is completely suitable for the disabled. Be sure to arrive at 10 a.m. when it is feeding time. This is when the elks are really alert and easy to film and take pictures of.

This is a show park with live elks situated on the E4 highway. 10 kilometers north of Ljungby (Småland-
Southern Sweden). Turn at the exit 81 at Laganland.  The entrance is through Laganland Tourist Information Centre & Sweden Shop.

The elk park comprises more than 6 hectares of woodland and a show enclosure of 6000 square metres.
During opening hours the elks are always in the show enclosure. Thus you can easily see and take pictures of them from many angles. Or feed them a juicy apple, which they really like!


Elks Spring -24

  • Gustaf 5 years
  • Erik 2 year
  • Queen 8 years with calf born 17/5 -24
  • Gabriel 1 year. M. Queen
  • Estelle 1 year. M. Queen
  • Viktoria 2 years. Mother Queen
  • Ulrika 4 years with The Fighter:
  • Rambo 1,5 year (born 16 October 2022)

The story of Rambo
A unique event in the animal and moose world:
Rambo The Fighter

On 16 October 2022, 3-year-old moose mother Ulrika gave birth to a bull calf who after a month or so was given the name Rambo.
Born five months later than normal, his chance of survival during autumn and winter was initially assessed as minimal. Moose calves are usually born in May/June…
But Ulrika took good care of her calf, which suckled diligently and learnt to eat twigs/buds and concentrated feed at the moose feeding place.
The bull calf fought on – withstood the autumn rains and the cold of winter despite his reddish-brown ‘baby fur’. (Moose yearlings have usually developed winter fur for the cold season.)
The name of the survivor, of course, became Rambo – The fighter!
Never before (to our knowledge) has a moose calf born in October survived more than a week or so. Rambo’s age of more than six months is unique!

Many questions remain:
What will happen to his fur – when will Rambo lose his ‘baby coat’ and get adult moose fur?
-Under the first two weeks (8 months) Rambo totaly lost his “baby coat”
How quickly can he catch up with the other moose born in 2022?
How will things go generally for Rambo?

Other questions concern his mother Ulrika:
Will she mate normally in September 2023?
When will she give birth again?

Opening hours


Entrance-fee: Adults SEK 120. Children 7-11 years SEK 60.
Family price: Max. 2 adults and children 0-11 years: SEK 240.

The same opening hours during tourist season as Sweden Shop.


Bull 9 February
The bull looses his antlers in late winter.

Bull 1 May
New antler are growing.

Bull 17 July
Feeding time 10.00

Bull 4 September
Antlers fully grown and rutting time starts.